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Strident Healthcare is now providing ABA telehealth services!  Our team has developed the process and strategies to increase the comfort and ability for parents to help their children do online sessions. We see this as a wonderful opportunity for us to help parents with the daily struggles and to really gain more concentrated instruction in Applied Behavior Analysis. Behavior technicians, behavior consultants and our BCBA can give real-time suggestions and walk through strategies of ABA in the home via teleconference. We all have many questions at this time, but we think that with your help this will be a great platform to gain much better results for the child and family.  We have already experienced success with several families!

Please see some helpful links below regarding ABA telehealth studies. I am happy to report there is research to suggest very positive results.



Utilizing ABA Telehealth methods requires little more than an internet connection, computer or IPAD and a parent or helpful designated adult in the home to help. There may be some toys and other materials needed per the activity. The clinicians are also using some really fun and engaging on-line educational and game sites! They will be happy to provide a list of suggested on-line opportunities tailored for your child.


We work with families individually and offer a very flexible schedule!

Getting “The Technology” is easy. Please see the link to videos that step-by-step walk you through setting up Google Meet ( or Zoom. These are free to the family. The process is quite easy and the behavior technician or behavior consultant will help with anything that is needed.


We can help with a variety of goals via ABA Telehealth;

  • Morning Routine –

  • Sleep/Wake Routines - Getting up at the appropriate time, Night-time Sleep Routines – Developing Healthy Habits, Following a Schedule

  • Hygeine – Get Dressed, Brush Teeth,

  • Eating Meals (Variety of Healthy Foods) and Table Etiquette – Breakfast, Lunch

  • Dinner, Snacks – Developing Healthy Eating Habits

  • Toileting Procedures

  • Hand Washing – Detailed Training

  • Social Skills

  • Group Activities and Learning Experiences

  • Schoolwork -Set Up for Success

  • Language Skills, Expressive and Receptive Communication, Picture Exchange

  • Communication, Advanced Conversation

  • Play Skills – Independent Play and Playing with others, siblings, playing games, turn

  • taking etc.

  • Gross Motor activities – Developing Healthy Active Lifestyles.

  • Problem Behavior Reduction

  • Parent Coaching

  • Family Well Checks



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